weekend snap shot: Indonesia traditional textile

well, I have been posting landscape a lot, now I’ll post (a bit) about Indonesian traditional textile. Those textile are some of my collection.

Ok, here we go:

From top left to right

the purple fabric is called Ulos, originally from North Sumatra. People in North Sumatra will use this fabric on birth of someone, their wedding and their death.

The green fabric is called Batik, originally from Central Java, the motif that shown above called Mega Mendung because it is a cloud look alike.

The red-yellow stripe is Silk from South Celebes, I already made into a formal hem. This province is known for its variety of silk with the best quality.

The brownish fabric (top right) is called Sasirangan, originally from South Borneo. Centuries ago, people in South Borneo wore them for a magic ritual. Now you can made a nice dress with that 🙂

The Bottom

All fabric on the bottom is called Songket, a- Malay origin. So, almost all the province in Sumatera Island and some in west Borneo has this kind of fabric including Malaysia. Each area also has a unique motif. The Songket above are from West Borneo, South Sumatra and Riau. The Riau Songket is a hand made. It took moths to finish a meter of hand made songket

the older the songket, the more expensive the price is.



~ by sikiky on July 27, 2008.

9 Responses to “weekend snap shot: Indonesia traditional textile”

  1. Those are beautiful textiles and a very interesting post.

  2. Kiky, the mandala colorings I’m doing currently. Kind of remind me of those batik prints 🙂
    Hope you’re well and fine!!

  3. Nice one for SWF! Mine’s up too hope yu can drop by… Have a nice day ahead!

  4. cool. i didn’t know those stuff come in different names and with purposes. for us in the philippines, i think the most common is the batik.

  5. I love the colors, Kiky 🙂

  6. Thanks for the stories of these beautiful fabrics, Kiky.

  7. nice designs! happy monday! 🙂


  8. those are beautiful fabrics

  9. wow, very lovely and colorful…my mom also has her collection of this kind of textile…thanks for sharing it here…

    mine is up. hope you can drop by too:



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