sky watch friday : bugis street

go ask elaine where it is? 😛

Singapore, 8 May 2008


~ by sikiky on May 16, 2008.

15 Responses to “sky watch friday : bugis street”

  1. Really nice shot, from another point…

    Wishes for a lovely weekend to you, comes here from Norway.

  2. a nice sky photo for sky watch today. Nice work.

  3. Beautiful view, Kiky. Looks like Victoria left her mark everywhere.

  4. Great view of a nice cloudy sky… all the very best and thank you for joining in with SW

  5. Victoria Street? Hum … haven´t the faintest idea but I know one thing: I loved the photo!

  6. nice

  7. great picture and a great sky watch.

  8. Great shot!

  9. An interesting sky shot; I like the angle from which it was taken. Very nice.

  10. Great shot. Good taken chance.

  11. Very interesting photo. That one building looks like it’s leaning.

  12. You were in Singapore!? Pretty hot weather eh? 🙂

  13. nice shot!

  14. Nice photo for Sky Watch!

  15. Great shot! Welcome to Sky Watch! I’m a new blogger, too.

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