weekend snapshot : 3 islands

It was a trip away from my desk again this week, and love it so much. Because 2 out of three places were places I’ve never been there before. 😀
From Jakarta to Batam Islands arrived at 6.00 pm on tuesday.
then on Wednesday, first thing in the morning using Foker 50 , we flied to Matak Islands. It was a chattered flight by an oil company, and I was the only women passenger :-D.

(you don’t count air strewardess as passsnger, right?)

So, there I was, an archipelago that rich for its Crude Oil, Fishes, and Cloves. it was my first trip here in Matak Island. I like to go back sometime. It was only for couple of hours, I didn’t took many pictures.

just look at the sea, so clear…so blue!

Then we flied back to Batam (and yes, this is my first trip to Batam as well) and took picture in the famous Barelang Bridge, the bridge that connect Batam islands with another 6 small islands.

the second picture isn’t my photograph, my colleague borrowed my camera.
Then, shortly after lunch…I went to Singapore (and no! even the previous places were in  Indonesia’s territory but I’ve never been there before,my trips to Singapore were countless)
There I was on Wednesday evening from Batam centre to Harbour Front, at elaine’s home town. 🙂

but yeah, it was my first trip to Singapore by ferry from Batam Islands, I usually fly to Singapore directly from Jakarta.
Wow, what a trip!
Batam, Matak, Singapore 7-9 May 2008


~ by sikiky on May 12, 2008.

10 Responses to “weekend snapshot : 3 islands”

  1. Kiky

    From what I see, you have done great outings.

    The places are beautiful and the photos are wonderful.


    Ps.: Return on my blog because I was editing the last post. Only now put the tests.

  2. i love the second shot and i miss singapore!

  3. wow this place looks really nice…

    Mine is up too. hope you can check it out:


  4. The pictures are wonderful. These are great places you have captured with the eye of an artist.

  5. not joining in WS this week but wanna comment still.
    i like the photo of the bridge. looks complicated yet fascinating.

    c”,) Morning Sniffles

  6. Kiky you didn’t call me!!!!!!!!!!! 😦
    By the way, I’ve never asked. What are you working as? Seems like a real nice job enabling you to travel pretty frequently 🙂
    Hope your Mother’s Day was a good one!

  7. Beautiful images, excellent.

  8. Are we to see more of that fantastic trip?

  9. Kiky haven´t you seen a pair of lost comments somewhere around?
    Mine are appearing …
    Nice trip!

  10. wonderful picture

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