Photo Hunter : time


this is the picture from more than 2 years ago. Me and my colleagues were spending weekend in Jogjakarta, a small city in Central Java. I love this city even though I’m not a javanese. We took 10 pm Express Train from Jakarta and arrived at 6.00 am in Jogjakarta. This is the time we arrived in the Jogjakarta Rail Station.

Like my previous post, here I’m attaching maps of my country. The map taken from here. The arrow showing where Jogjakarta city is.

JOgja city

Jogjakarta, 25 November 2006


~ by sikiky on May 3, 2008.

5 Responses to “Photo Hunter : time”

  1. nearly 6 P M….I think it’s time to eat? Got milk?

    My photo hunt is something you’d like to view I’m sure. Like Birds? Come on over—–

  2. Nice pic, great for this weeks theme!
    View mine if you wish here thanx

  3. nice photo and excellent choice for the theme

  4. A little nostalgia here. 🙂

  5. Nice photo and great for the theme this week!

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