sky watch friday – the smoke from factory

CPO factory

I took this picture in one of the Palm Oil Factory located in North Sumatera.
Don’t you hate the thick smoke has ruined the beauty of the blue sky? *sigh*

here I’m posting the picture of my country, the factory itself is marked by black arrow. (in case you’re wondering where the North Sumatera is 😀 )
Tebing Tinggi, NOrth Sumatera,
22 November 2007


~ by sikiky on May 2, 2008.

14 Responses to “sky watch friday – the smoke from factory”

  1. Indeed, you are quite right about your complaints. Guess people will only learn when it’s to late!

  2. Photo of conscience.
    There is still time.

    Great Post.
    Greetings from Brazil

  3. Ugly black smoke spilled into the beautiful blue sky. It is a shame that the smoke is not cleaned up before it goes into the air.

  4. Different Sky Watch.
    Nice contrasts, though. 🙂

  5. LOL~ I don’t want to imagine that amount of thick black smoke blown directly onto my face!! 😛

  6. That is thick smoke! I don’t like it either. Powerful shot.

  7. Hello again Kiki
    I agree it is a shame, it shows us a thoughtful Sky Watch post today… I bet everyone that stops by will be moved by this.


  8. I do not like the pollution either – but i do like your picture. Good idea to show a map from where you live:)

  9. That’s a dark sky watch, great perspective, well done.

  10. Amazing photo! Very original!

  11. Yes it is sad that there is so much black coming out of there, pollution is never good for anyone

  12. You have an interesting blog!

  13. I think that there should be regulations enforced for commercial plants before discharging any kind of polutions to the environment.

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