Photo Hunt : High


these are the old ones, I went to Jogjakarta, Indonesia about 2,5 years ago. I’m not a javanesse, but I love this city. Sure more quite than -the metropolitan- Jakarta.

We went to Merapi Mountain, in Kaliurang, about 1 hour drive from Jogjakarta. Merapi is volcanic mountain, when I was there, Merapi was a bit active that it lava exploded.

There is a tower for the officers to watch over the mountain’s activity, so they can decide when to evacuate the local people.

Oh yeah, I climbed the tower…so HIGH


My shot is the second one 🙂
JOgjakarta, November 25 2006


~ by sikiky on March 29, 2008.

10 Responses to “Photo Hunt : High”

  1. The 2nd one made my tummy twist!

  2. Not bad!!! You managed to climb up there. I would have turned jelly!
    The ferris wheel is in Singapore(land), just opposite the Esplanade.
    On a clear day, Indonesia and Malaysia can be seen 🙂

  3. great pictures!

  4. I would love to climb that structure, but not when the volcano is erupting 🙂

    Great weekend to you, Kiky!

  5. Ummmm…. Volcanic Mountain + Me = A BIG FAT NO WAY!!!

  6. excellent entry for the theme, i like your photos

  7. Totally high and perfect for the theme!

  8. Very great shots!

  9. Wow! I love your picture, just keep it up and enjoy!!!

    check mine also:

    Happy Weekend guys!!!

  10. That’s high.. It reminds me of my rock-climbing experiences (=

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