sky watch Friday


what did you call this thing in your country? mine? Gondola

ANcol, Jakarta, Maret 1 2008


~ by sikiky on March 28, 2008.

20 Responses to “sky watch Friday”

  1. I call it scary!

  2. I don’t know what yuo call it but I don’t plan on getting in one. Nice shot!

  3. Cool. Nice shot! 🙂

  4. I’ll call it free from stress.

    Alex’s World! –

  5. In Portuguese “teleférico”.

    Great image.

  6. We call it a ‘Cable Car’.. I have been on only one… and I have not been the same with hights since… none the less it make a great picture for Sky Watch..

    Thank you

  7. I thank for your visit in my blog, but also for your comment! And your blog is splendid, with marvellously posts and beautiful photographs!

  8. A Gondola? That is faith – riding in one of those. Great idea for the sky watch prompt.

  9. That is beautiful shot but since i don’t like heights i will not be getting on one of those

  10. Very nice:o)

  11. OH!!! Let med DOWN !!! Nice to see, but not be in. (I think)

    Nice weekend wishes to you, from Norway

  12. Hello this is a great snapshot of a wonderfull sky! welldone. Come and see my 48 sky’s (in collage) have a good ‘sky-fry’ and a good weekend:) JoAnn from Holland

  13. I call it neat! I’m not afraid of heights, so I would have a lot of fun in there!

  14. In Norway we called it a GONDOL.
    Happy Friday.

  15. They give some enjoyble rides …

  16. Is that a trick question? If not then it’s a cable car.

  17. We call it a gondola and you’ll never see me on it! 😀

  18. Love this shot.

  19. We call in a gondala (Malaysia). We have the longest cable car ride in the South East Asia (if I am not mistaken). The ride sends you right to the top of Genting Highlands. Hehe (=

  20. HI Kiky….Surprise surprise!! I am in Jakarta too…small world, heh??

    I just joined this sky watch group, and have really enjoyed meeting new people from all over the world. I hope you visit my blog as well. Cheers, Scotty

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