Weekend Snapshot – Outbond


It’s a long weekend here in Indonesia, but kind of busy on Friday. so, yesterday we had a little trip. We went to Mekarsari, A Huge Fruit Plantation located in Cileungsi, not far from the resident of Indonesia current president, only an hour drive from our house. A bit outskirt from Jakarta.
Mekarsari is an Argo tourism, where you can see many tropical fruit plantation such as Rambutan, Lengkeng, Starfruits, Watermelon, Honeydew, Pineapple and of course…Durian a.k.a King of Fruits, mouth watering, but there are some people who can’t stand for its smell. There are many venue there, but we decided to take the shuttle bus that take you aroun a garden with  a guide who give brief explantion about the garden.

This is the office building, kinda unique because it eqquiped with artifical waterfall. 

unfortunately, exccept for the Starfruit no other fruits ready to be harvested,yet. Still, we decided to spent the day anyway, they also had Outbond area for kids. We challanged our daughter,  Kezia, to do it, she said yes…


and there she was, hiking a bamboo, walk in a-30-cm-wide- board — 5 meters above the ground, and lastly… The flying fox.

Where you are tied into a rope then from a certain height —  sliding down to the ground. That was the best part! I like flying fox a lot, in fact, when I was 2-week-pregnant-with my daughter, I did this outbond things, off course I didn’t know I was pregnant.
And parents, don’t worry, here safety come first!
Years ago I also learned about safety in this outbond things, and they have more sophisticated procedure so I let kezia did that.

and baby no 2 he like to try as well, but he was too small. so we just let him walking in the bamboo.

West Java, march 8th 2008 


~ by sikiky on March 9, 2008.

11 Responses to “Weekend Snapshot – Outbond”

  1. The bamboo balancing act about did me in, and I’m on the couch on the other side of the world! These are great photos of a neat adventure.

  2. Your daughter is so brave! Looks like a fun place to visit.

  3. Kiky!! If this week before the weekend I strike Lottery!! I’ll come find you!!!!!! 🙂
    The waterfalls from all levels of that building is amazing 🙂
    My kids will love to be at that park for some good fun….and I’m not showing them these pictures here!!! LOL!! They will bug me endlessly to bring them there…

  4. Fun photos! My little boy would like that:)

  5. Your daughter is very brave! Mine would never dare to do it.

  6. whwt a wonderful experience for the kids! have a nice day kiky! hope ur doin good as well as ur family!

  7. that’s interesting! looks exciting and fun!mine’s up too at this link!

  8. Thats a fun and enjoy thing… I miss those things.

  9. look like the kids were having fun!

  10. Looks like fun! How do-able is this for a family with really limited Bahasa Indonesia? I know my boys would love to do the outward bound, especially the flying fox!

  11. omg.. good work, brother

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