sky watch friday – from the airplane


I took this picture on the way to Palembang City, by Garuda Indonesia Airlines, the national airlines. It is only 45 minutes away from Jakarta and they managed to give a seat in business class. 🙂
somewhere between Jakarta -Palembang, Agusut 25th 2007


~ by sikiky on March 7, 2008.

20 Responses to “sky watch friday – from the airplane”

  1. Kiky, that is a lovely photo, a little mysterious and a little eerie at the same time.

    I tagged you by the way, hope its ok:

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Gorgeous, Kiky. Clouds from the other side seem surreal. I love the view. I don’t fly, so I appreciate your sharing this.

  3. It seemed a little eerie at first to me too. Maybe more ethereal.

  4. Hello Kiky
    This is a great capture from above. It certainly looks peaceful from up there.

    It’s a great way to do a Sky Watch shot.. no hurting of the neck looking up all the time.. ;o)

  5. Awesome photo!

  6. That`s a beautiful photo,exellent:o)

  7. What a magnificent view you had uo there!

  8. Wonderful trip you offer to us.

  9. Amazing photo, fantastic.

  10. Just wonderful .. whenever I’ve tried this I seem to be sitting next to a dirty window!

  11. This is a very lovely photo, love to see this from high above and since i won’t fly anymore it is great to see this from someone elses camera

  12. Thank you for your visit to my “with Images”.

    I will link this excellent place in my blog.

  13. The most perfect photo I have seen to day!! Amazing and beautifu!!

  14. Very impressive photo.

  15. Just beautiful:D

  16. Absolutely beautiful!

  17. What a great sun focus photo!!!!!!!

  18. Wonderful. I love taking pictures from airplanes!

  19. what a wonderfull coloured sky, its brown like milkchocolat… hmmmm I like that very much…
    PLease visit my Skywatch
    Have a good weekend
    Greetings from JoAnn (Holland)

  20. its pretty one shot. Happy hunting…

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