Photo Hunt : wooden

I was figuring out what will I post, I guess this one is alright.


the sign was nailed in this big tree, (on the left). It tell us, the visitor of Bogor Botanical Garden when the tree was planted. It was part of tree of love, the tree I was telling before.



~ by sikiky on February 23, 2008.

11 Responses to “Photo Hunt : wooden”

  1. great shots. Wooden Doorway
    Wooden Staircase

  2. i love old trees like those..Very nice entry for this week hunt.Have a wonderful weekend.;)

    My so called life
    Life’s Impression

  3. Great shots Kiky! I love all the photos you capture. Happy weekend!

  4. wow this tree must have seen a lot……..Nice capture Kiky! thanks for dropping by.

    Have a good week ahead!


  5. Woah~ That tree is really old!!!
    It’s nice to see that it’s preserved so well 😛

  6. What beautiful trees. That is a very unusual shape for me. I like the sign on it for the date.

  7. WOW….. That’s an ooold ooooold tree (=
    Interesting (=

  8. I thought it might be the tree’s address–lol. I am glad youe xplained.

  9. Beautiful shots! I love to see pictures of trees, it reminds me how beautiful nature is. 🙂

  10. That sure is a tree with a lot of years. Luckly she doesn’t have to blow candles on her birthday!

  11. A lovely tree! Perfect for the theme.

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