Wordless Wednesday : old building

this building was built some time in early 1900’s. It empty now.
Jakarta, 27 Januari 2008


~ by sikiky on February 13, 2008.

20 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday : old building”

  1. Cool building. Happy WW.

  2. What a great building. Too bad it’s empty.

    Mine’s up:


  3. what a cool shot! happy WW!

  4. A while back I took a city tour that included many of the old buildings and museums in the Kota area. It is discouraging to see these old buildings crumbling. Perhaps some of them will be saved.

  5. Hello Kiki,

    Everything? That is a lot of dried seafood stuff there! 🙂 Besides, I may be allergic to seafood due to my skin problem. 😦

    You got the old there in a nice photo. I can very well imagine a fictitious story about it. 😀


  6. Old buildings always remind me of ‘hantus’ hahahaa…

    Looking at the picture a second time, I almost freaked out seeing the 2 humans near the door 😛

  7. great photograph!

    is it going to be tear down or upgrading in process?

    happy WW!

  8. WOW! What a gorgeous shot! I am sure this building was once upon a time a rich man’s building (=

  9. i love the architecture of old buildings and the character.
    thanks for visiting me !

  10. Old buildings – what and who was in them – intrigue me. How long has this one been empty I wonder…what was it used for? Offices? Hotel? Government? Happy WW.

  11. Seems so lonely! What an interesting image. God bless.

  12. It’s very sad to see the great old structures being abandoned. Happy WW.

  13. is it abandoned? i hope it’s still sturdy because it’s a historic monument.

    oh btw, kampai is the Japanese term for Cheers. They say it when making a toast.

    Morning Sniffles

  14. I so enjoy great old buildings! The architecture is just more interesting to me than modern stuff. Happy ww…

  15. It’s just waiting to be reborn into a fancy hotel…

  16. I agree. Looks like a hotel…

  17. very cool old building….and I love the sky. so beautiful.
    Happy WW!

  18. I love old buildings! They tell a story, I think.
    How’s your son doing?
    Is he home yet?
    If not, I hope he’ll get well soon!

  19. Great job in taking that photo. You must be a professional photographer. Happy WW and happy valentines day!
    Hair Cut or Life Cut?
    My Little Funny Boy

  20. That’s really cool. I’d love to visit Jakarta one day. Happy WW!

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