Escompto Bank

from my previous post, well, I’d like to thanks for all bloggers from world wide that wishing my family and me in good condition after the flood disasters. Actually, the water has gone next thing in the morning, nothing was seriously damaged and now we’re staying at my parents house which is about 10 minutes drive from ours. Still, we have to do the cleaning because we just throw anything to the second floor. As you can see, I have two posts after Friday. 🙂
Thank you guys, that is really something.

anyway, I haven’t tell anything from my previous trip to Oud Batavie (old batavia), a historical place in Jakarta.
The Picture above is Escompto Building, from the French Word which means Loan.
I guess it used to be a bank years ago.
It was constructed in 1920.
Jakarta, 27 Januari 2008


~ by sikiky on February 4, 2008.

3 Responses to “Escompto Bank”

  1. Hehehe.. Sumpeh deh gw ga tau ada bangunan begini di batavia :p

    Gimana banjirnya, moga2 dah surut…

  2. Great pics you have here 😀

    Salam kenal 😀

  3. That’s a lovely building. Glad you’re okay after all that weather!

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