weekend Snapshot : row a boat

this isn’t in Bangkok, Thailand or Banjarmasin, Bornoe, Indonesia.
just another piece of Jakarta’s life.
He clean the river from all plastic glass and bottles that was thrown away to the (already) polluted river.
The river was so smelly… i can’t bear it. 😦
I take this picture while visiting some historical places in Kota, Jakarta known as Oud Batavie or Old Batavia. A trip that was organized by a mailing list known as Sahabat Museum.
Sahabat means best friend.
During Dutch Collonial, Jakarta was called Batavia.

more picture is here, but i use my language for the explanation
Jakarta, 27 Januari 2008


~ by sikiky on January 27, 2008.

18 Responses to “weekend Snapshot : row a boat”

  1. good thing there’s somebody to clean up the river.

  2. great shot.. the river looks great in picture though you said it’s already polluted.. perhaps in due time, it will be cleaned up completely..:)

  3. If not for the smell, that river looks nice.

    Have a great week!:)

  4. God bless him for cleaning the river! It makes for a beautiful photo, despite its troubles.

  5. Wow, he sure is finding a lot of pollution in there. 😦

    Check out my weekend snapshot if you get a chance! 🙂

  6. very nice photo! I love the reflection!

  7. At least somebody is cleaning the river. Happy Monday.

  8. Great shot! The river looks nice.

  9. Quite interesting to know that river is smelly. It looks great in the photo though.

  10. Looks like clean river and he is nice enough to do that cleaning.

  11. what a lovely shot! really love how you composed it! 🙂

  12. wonderful shot! too bad the river is smelly/polluted … that seems to be a common problem in developing countries (like mine).

  13. great shot!

  14. The river looks clean….nice shot anyway….

  15. a hard day’s work. we also have dead rivers and creeks. = (

  16. i think is my first time here…Hi! love the shot

  17. And I thought this is a clean and peaceful river. It looks good compared to the rivers in some metropolis I’ve seen.

  18. it doesn’t look smelly but at least there’s some good hearted soul who tries to clean it up. 😉

    thanks for checkin’ out my entry!

    ~ cHiKai

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