Candi Sambisari

Candi Sambisari or Simbasari Temple is a Shiva Temple which was built around 8-9th century, but not until the year 1966 it was discovered since it was burried under the volcano ash.
It is located 10-15 minutes drive from Adusucipto Airport, Jogjakarta,Indonesia.
A less interest that the Greatest Borobudur Temple or Prambanan Temple.
There are lots of temple in Java Island, and each has a misterious legend or myth.
Inside the centre building, the biggest one, there were some stones known as STUPA.
The myth said if an Infertil man touch the very top of the STUPA, then his partner will get pregnant.
Don’t know wheter the obigyns can explain this. 🙂

~ by sikiky on January 17, 2008.

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