see it sunday – remote

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Majalengka, West Java
November 28th 2008


self portrait

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sasak traditional fabric

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been mentioning about our traditional fabric sometime ago, here are more :
sasak traditional fabric, from West Nusa Tenggara.

I owned some motive, but they are misplace somewhere…:(

strawberry pie

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been absent, not so much into taking pictures…:((
how are you guys…??

weekend snapshot : 080808 journey

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suppose to post this last week but I’m to tired. :P. I went to Bali on Friday, 08/08/08 and get home On Sunday. There were lots of things to do that made me exhausted. 😛

the picture above is a pond in Tampak Siring Palace, which water never dry even during dry season. In this pool, there are 3 moa (eels) which color are red, black and white. If you happen to see all of them, it will bring you luck!
Since I came back with my colleagues, I didn’t take so many landscape pictures like I used to. I take silly picture of my friends, for example…like this one:

ow, what a trip!

Uniquely exposure :portrait of two

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neah…they aren’t lover, I asked them to pose for me 😀

sky watch friday : in Bali again

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yihaaa…last friday on 080808, I went back to Bali with my colleagues. I had (almost) the same trip like I had the previous one on July. But I manage to visit Tampak Siring Palace. The guide said, if you see the area from high above it form like a- balineese -woman – figure.

then waited for the sun went down, and made funny/unordinary or silly pictures:

and ended my trip on Sunday to Dreamland Beach!!!!!

my complete story is here, I wrote most in English.

Bali, 080808-100808